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Unlock Clarity with Quality Eye Care
in Elizabethtown, NC


Bladen Eye Center is North Carolina's first-ever dry eye center, a pioneering hub dedicated to alleviating the discomfort of dry eye syndrome using innovative treatments such as IPL therapy.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive range of eye care services, from providing quality eyeglasses and lenses that enhance your vision to offering a diverse selection of contact lenses, including options for hard-to-fit patients. This also extends to myopia management, vision therapy, and LASIK co-management.

Your eye health and vision are our top priorities, and we're here to help you keep them in the best shape possible.

Eric E. Schmidt O. D.
Courtney Walters, O.D.

Comprehensive Solutions for
All Your Eye Health Needs

Our clinic offers extensive eye care services to address all your vision needs. From cutting-edge treatments for dry eye to corrective surgeries like LASIK co-management and personalized eyewear selections, our experienced team ensures optimal eye health and vision clarity. Trust us to guide you toward a brighter, clearer future with our holistic eye care approach.

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Dry Eye Treatments

Being North Carolina's first dry eye clinic, we have experience diagnosing and treating this condition with IPL and other therapies.

beautiful woman modeling stylish eyeglasses

Boutique Optical for Your Eyeglass Needs

Our opticians will guide you through the selection process so you can wear frames that make you look great while enjoying clear vision.

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Eye Exams for All Ages

Routine eye exams are important for maintaining clear vision and eye health, allowing us to screen for and address problems in their early stages.

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A Closer Look at Our Eye Care Services

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Contact Lenses

From traditional contacts to specialty lenses for hard-to-fit eyes, we'll help you find a fit so you can experience unrestricted vision.

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LASIK Co-Management

Experience the freedom of clear vision without eyewear through LASIK surgery. We offer a holistic co-management journey, ensuring optimal results.

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Low Vision Services

Our low vision tools, strategies, and technologies are designed to maximize your remaining vision so you can regain your independence.

  • Ray-Ban
  • Kate Spade
  • Oakley
  • Flexon
  • Tom Ford
  • Costa
  • BCBG
  • ECO

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