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Relief Using Specialty Contact Lenses

DryEyeandWaterContactHow Do Our Centers Help You?

Together our Dry Eye Center of the Carolinas and our Specialty Contact lens Center work hand in hand in the treatment of dry eye and finding a contact that will provide the following:

Clear Vision and Comfort- The design of these lenses offers all-day wear for continuous flow of tears underneath the lens during the day.

Hassle-Free Wear- Reduce the hassles in your life. The size of the contact is familiar, similar to soft contacts, easy to handle. The soft part of the lens holds the lens in your eye and keeps debris out!

Healthy and Refreshing- The advance design, fit by our highly trained eye doctors, offers a healthy flow of tears to circulate under the lens.

Improved Lifestyle- No longer will you suffer from dry eye. Our team of professionals are trained to treat dry eye for lasting relief, so you can get your life-style back.

The vision is clear…..come visit our Centers and improve your quality of life.