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May is Healthy Vision Month…learn how to protect your vision!

Your eyes work hard daily to bring this beautifully created world to you!  In fact, 80% of all information delivered to you is through your sight.  That is huge, especially if you are a child absorbing new information as school all day.

80% of your knowledge is through your eyes....with that being said, be smart-protect your eyes and your families and friends eyes.

But how?

1.  Schedule a regular eye exam -for you and your loved ones

An eye exam is misunderstood by many.  Most patients think any eye exam is a vision test. And yes, a vision test is part of your examination.  In fact, it is 10% of your eye exam, the rest of your exam test the actually working operation of the eye, the doctor tests for any irregularities of the eye, any ocular diseases and any systemic and neurological issues of the body.  Your eye contains your Optic Nerve.  The Optic Nerve delivers visual information from your eye to your brain.  It is also a part of your central nervous system.  With this being said, many systemic disease and neurological issues along with tumors can be detected and detected early from an annual eye exam .

2.  Protect your eyes

  Your eye is a muscle, overworked muscles get weak.  Regular eye exams keep your eyes strong by making sure the proper correction is allowing your eye muscle to work the most efficiently.

3.  The Sun

Sunglasses are not just for fashion and they are not all the same, even if they all are polarized, they are not the same!  Proper "filtered" polarized sunglasses are the key to arm against the powerful UVA and UVB rays we all are exposed to daily.  You have been educated not to go out in the sun without quality suntan lotion as burned skin creates cancerous skin cells.  Your eyes burn and overexposure of dangerous UVA and UVB rays causes direct relationships with getting cataracts and a eye degenerative disease called Macular Degeneration.

Be smart, protect you and you family invest in a filtered polarized pair of sunglasses.  Get the croakie for your child, to help keep the investment safe.  After all you are investing in their prolonged sight not the eyeglasses.

Take charge of your vision this month-book your appointment.  Our doctors at Omni Eye Specialists and Bladen Eye Center would be happy to keep your eye health healthy!