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#FeaturedBrand: November | Kate Spade

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Kate Spade and our practice have something common: launch and growth since the early ’90s. Their founding principles? Optimistic femininity and thoughtful details. Principles our practice can understand and agree with.

Their story of origin is an interesting one. One that began with Kate Brosnahan Spade’s frustration that she couldn’t find the handbag she’d been longing for. So, she set out to create it on her own, making samples out of construction paper!

Ultimately, Kate Spade was made, which today offers clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and of course, eyewear that we customize lenses for and share with you.

Be the Heroine of Your Own Story

Today, Kate Spade makes a difference inspiring women “to be the heroines of their own stories” with their Kate Spade New York Foundation which gives away $1 million dollars year after year in an effort to support women and their economic empowerment. The Kate Spade New York Foundation helps women in underserved communities access “opportunity and pathways to mental well-being” and supports a variety of organizations.

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