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Dr. Schmidt has had an extremely busy speaking schedule for the past 2 months. In April he was in Dallas twice presenting data on a new glaucoma drug of which he was part of the research and development. This drug, called Rhopressa, is now available to patients suffering from glaucoma and Dr. Schmidt is one of the leading experts worldwide on this particular drop. He would love to share the information with his patients and he certainly will prescribe this new drug for those glaucoma patients he feels would benefit from it.

May found Dr. Schmidt in New York City presenting to over 150 doctors on a new Intraocular Lens used in Cataract surgery. This new IOL, called Symfony, allows patients to see far off, at computer distance and up close without the need for eyeglasses. Again, Dr. Schmidt is an expert in this technology, which is now available to his patients who require cataract surgery. As Dr. Schmidt says, “I haven’t been this excited about a new technology in about 10 years!” this lens has the ability to completely transform the vision of those people needing cataract surgery.

Currently Dr. Schmidt is in Florida and is travelling to Utah for a weekend to present lectures on new therapeutic options for glaucoma and new methods of diagnosing the disease. The end of June will find Dr. Schmidt in Denver, lecturing to hundreds of doctors at the meeting of the American Optometric Association. Again, he will be presenting his data around the new Symfony intraocular lens implant and his glaucoma research.

After that it will be time to celebrate his 34th wedding anniversary with Tracey!!