Ashley Lewis

Ashley is a front desk receptionist at Bladen Eye Center. She is a mother of 3 very active little boys. She's a Information Technology/ Computer Science major. When shes not working she loves spending time with her little people and family. She enjoys anything outdoors and painting. 


Kim Andrews

Kim is one of our three Optometric Technician's. She went to Robeson Community College and Finished at Bladen Community College where she received her Phlebotomy Certification and Medical Radiologic Technologist Certification and has worked in the Medical field for 12 years. She was born and raised in Lumberton where she lives with her boyfriend and their 6 fur babies. She is a huge animal lover and loves spending time with her dogs after work and on the weekends. She spends most of her time with her family and loves the beach, where she goes every chance she can get.


Tracey Schmidt

Co-founder  and Chief Financial Officer of Bladen Eye Center and Omni Eye Specialists.  Tracey graduated with a degree in Business  and concentration in Retail Marketing from the University of Illinois.  She began her career in management with Saks Fifth Avenue and spent most of her days as a  Fashion Buyer with John Wanamaker Stores, a division of Carter Hawley Hale .  She loves to spend time any and all time with her three kids, playing tennis and whenever she has a moment, putting her feet in the white sand at Masonborough Island.